“My first job as a professional photographer was a friend’s wedding, and my career took off from there. From that wedding I booked two more – and things quickly snowballed.”


I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. My passion started with film photography, but really developed with the advent of the digital era, when I began to experiment and create beautiful images.

Today I travel the world on a wide variety of photographic assignments. My experience includes commercial shoots for both large multinationals and tiny businesses, action projects for the fitness industry, briefs for PR agencies and weddings of all shapes and sizes.

My work has also appeared in professional photographic magazines and websites, and Vogue Italia.

What unites every single shot is my creativity and passion – as recognised by Professional Photographer Magazine, which awarded me Professional Photographer of the Year 2014.

My work has been featured in British Vogue and LoveMyDress. You can find my work on Pinterest. My commercial work can be seen on billboards across London and NYC.

Recently I had opportunity to capture 26 Head of States at NATO summit, Including POTUS.

When I’m not working on professional shoots I travel around working on my personal photographic projects.